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Announcement: My upcoming book: I’m working on an encyclopedic dictionary of contract clauses, for drafters, reviewers, and students. The book is built on a much-expanded version of the Common Draft clauses; it has links to specimens of real-world clauses found in contracts by companies you undoubtedly know; and it has lots of analysis and commentary. If you’d like to be notified and get a free sample chapter by email when I finish, send your email address to me at dc@toedt.com. Don’t worry, I won’t spam you or sell your email address.

Another argument for using contract forms that start in mid-field

According to Justin Fogarty, IACCM president Tim Cummins reported that an unidentified IACCM member had its sell-side negotiators review the contract forms used by the buy-siders, and vice versa.   Each was “apoplectic.” (Hat tip: Jason Anderman of WhichDraft)

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